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Sales and Service

All of our products are backed by the finest sales and service team in the industry. You have a team of some of the best Aquaculture nutritionists the country has to offer. Rest assured that your order will be processed accurately, with each ingredient measured to exact specifications.

To guarantee maximum freshness, the ingredients are not processed until we have received your order. This will provide you optimum shelf life and highly nutritious feeds. We maintain a usage report for each of our customers that shows when your last order was processed and provide you an accurate report upon request.

The Aquaculture Division produces and markets specialized high quality aquaculture feeds including trout, salmon, and shrimp feed. Our high end aquaculture feeds increase feed conversion ratios and create better fish health.

Our General Feeds Division provides a variety of nutritionally balanced feeds for livestock, farm animals and pets, and also produces a high quality custom formulated feed, which is a highly desirable product in the dairy industry.

Our feeds are used around the world, and our customers have put their trust in us for many years. Give us a try, and you’ll see why.